Monday, December 6, 2010

Edible Land Forms

This was an awesome project and it tasted even better than it looked!! I came up with the idea as we worked through our ACE paces in Social Studies on landforms. I am constantly thinking out of the box to make these workbooks come to life.
This is what you'll need to begin:
-cookie sheet covered in foil (for easy clean up)
-your favorite box of brownie mix (make as directed)
-a box of blue Jell-O (make as directed)
-tub of chocolate icing
-1/3 cup of brown sugar
-1/4 c green sprinkles
-pinch of powdered sugar
- a few Swedish Fish 
-landform labels 
You can snag mine for Free {HERE}

We used brownies to make the mountains and other dry land because unlike cake they won't soak up the Jell-O also they are easy to shape. After you've pulled the brownies from the oven let them begin to cool. While they are still warm you can begin to squeeze them into any shape you want.
Now that you have your dry land use chocolate icing to cover the terrain, (we did use a cupcake on top of the brownie for a mountain, but if you have enough brownie you can just use that - we did not because we were actually doing this project with another homeschool family, so we only had half the brownies to work with).
Do Not pour the hot Jell-O into your cookie sheet, around your brownies as soon as it is mixed, put the bowl in the fridge to cool and let it begin to firm up a bit...then add it to your pan around the landforms once it has cooled for at least 1/2 the time on the box.

Now is the fun part, adding the details to complete your edible landform.  The Swedish Fish can be added to the oceans, deltas, streams, and lakes. The green sprinkles add a look of grass, powder sugar looks like snow on the mountain peak and the brown sugar resembles sand on the shore. So there you have it.
 Your completed - edible project.

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